About us

Our CEO comes from Generations  supporting people with hearts who love to advocate for people in need. She works in the health field with seniors and disabled patients and seen hands on the needs of others when it came to their beauty needs which motivated her to create the platform Beauty Arrival LLC, DBA, BeautyArrivalist.  In 2014 Our CEO herself was also Diagnosed with Lupus and went through hard times having the energy getting her and her youngest daughter ready for work and school and she said she always had in the back of her mind “I wish I could call someone to help me do our hair” this has stuck with her until now, so seeing others in need she empathized and took action. What’s a Beauty Arrivalist? – Someone arriving to you with the knowledge of beauty and provides beauty services! -enjoy!

It’s All About Our Mission

Our mission is to be the Uber of Salon services and to provide these services to our non-mobile communities; which includes and  not limited to assisted living seniors, bed bound clients, short and long term disability clients, and much more!



Our Mission


We believe everyone should have easy access to self-care especially communities who no longer can get out of their homes.

Our Values

You never know what people are going through in life so be kind and remind them that they too, are Still Beautiful.